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Floatworks is the UK's leading float centre. Floating is a highly therapeutic practise which involves reducing sensory input by laying in a pitch black, soundproof and heated pod filled with Epsom salt saturated water which allows one to float effortlessly. Nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to feel. Free from sensory input, the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system wind down into a state of deep relaxation and serenity, in which your body and mind can heal and replenish - resulting in many benefits like reduced stress and better sleep.

I was brought on by Floatworks in the summer of 2017 to carry out a company wide re-brand. The re-brand required a full revision of the brand strategy and brand identity system. The initial phases involved a deep dive into the business where I spent a week at the centre interviewing customers and the core team as well as having some floats to get an understanding for the experience.

From there I spent many months developing a strategy and experimenting with many different visual approaches. In the end I settled on an aesthetic that communicates the essence of the float experience.

The symbol was created using principles of sacred geometry and ratios found in nature. There are many ways it could be interpreted, but for us it depicts the floating experience.

I chose a deep Indigo as Floatworks' new primary colour. We felt it conveys the magic of floating and the depths of consciousness we can explore when we float. We also chose a vibrant green to represent the outcome of floating: growth, fresh perspectives, and expansion!

Alongside these primary assets I developed guidelines for applying photography, videography, messaging, iconography and interior design.


Floatworks logo

Logo Construction Grid

Logo construction grid


Floatworks symbol

Benefits Icons

Benefits iconography


Responsive website design

Floatworks Pamphlet Cover

6-Sided roll fold pamphlet cover

Floatworks Pamphlet

6-Sided roll fold pamphlet


Floatworks Reception


Floatworks street flyer design


Floatworks tshirts


Float photography #1


Floatworks exterior signage

Floatworks Reception

Floatworks reception

Floatworks Lounge

Floatworks lounge


Float photography #2

Floatworks Float Room

Floatworks float room


Float photography #3

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